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The first step is to Apply for a FREE Discovery Call which is a 15-minute conversation with one of the top graduates from the program who is already a successful Expert VA® (which could also be you).

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You can keep working your day job while setting up your own business until you replace (and exceed!) your current income. Most people who join this program do just that.

Earn While You Learn

You get to work with an Expert VA® Coach for 3 months to create a plan of action that works with your schedule. You get to learn how to earn an average of up to $25/hr and $35,000 annually as a full-time Expert VA®. In this program, you get to obtain your first (or next) 3 clients in 90 days.

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The program includes access to a student library of training materials for 12 lessons on getting your business up and running, including VA Biz Set Up, Working Virtually, honing your LinkedIn profile, and more. 

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The Virtual Expert® 3-Month Membership includes:

You also get advanced training and coaching in our Virtual Expert® Membership for 3 months. A VE is a specialized expert at what they do. On average, VEs can earn $45/hr or more! The Virtual Expert® 3-Month Membership includes:

  • Priority personal client referrals
  • Get-Stuff-Done Day monthly with Virtual Expert® Coach
  • Q&A session monthly with Joyce Wright
  • Opportunity to become a Certified Virtual Expert® (or renew certification if already certified)
  • Quarterly Masterclasses – advanced pitch-free training
  • Quarterly Mindset Sessions – advanced pitch-free training
  • Highly Sensitive Virtual Experts® monthly sessions with Cindy Winslow
  • Access to Job Op Facebook Group
  • Opportunity to promote your services in the VE FB Group
  • Focused Coaching once a month
  • 15-minute laser coaching call (based on availability/max ever other month)
  • Virtual Experts group and VE Job Opp Board: For as long as you remain a member in good standing, you are invited to participate in these 2 groups
  • Access to Autumn Boyd W, lawyer: Once-a-quarter sessions with a lawyer paid to answer your questions

On average, most startups spend $30,000+ in their first year to just get a business going.

This training program is just a fraction of that with results in just 90 days.

This program is a proven system with REAL women and REAL results. The Coaches are successful women who have been where you are now. The community of like-minded women are active and supportive of each other. And did I mention the ridiculous bank of resources in your student library?