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You Are Not Alone...

Right now, wherever you are in life, you might be feeling any number of things: unfulfilled, undervalued, unappreciated, torn between two worlds (work and home). You may even be asking yourself what it is that you need to do to have flexibility, freedom, and financial security.

First, let me say that this is NOT a MLM or a side hustle, and this is not like other DIY VA programs or get-rich-quick schemes.

This is the creation of the life you need, want, and desire. YOU are the BOSS!

Coaching, Competency, Community!

The Expert VA® Training program is a personalized program that is done WITH you through training and one-on-one coaching. You are supported with 3 key benefits:

What You NEED to Start & SUCCEED!

This Expert VA® Training program keeps you connected to valuable resources (like your own student library), experienced people, and people just like you to build a highly profitable business that you control:

➙ Referring potential clients to you from 4 sources: your coach, our private Job Board, our VA matchmaking services/directory, and other Expert VAs® and Virtual Experts®

➙ Leveraging the skills you already have and turning them into instantly saleable services

➙ Teaching you exactly, step-by-step, how to find, get, and keep clients

➙ Earning as you learn so that you're not wasting any more time and money on skills training you don't need 

➙ Working with a coach and being held accountable by someone who has been right where you are and accomplished what you want to accomplish

There are other Virtual Assistant programs, websites, and Facebook groups that lure you in at a high cost and then leave you to figure it all out on your own. This is not one of them.

This is the FIRST and ONLY program of its kind. This proven Expert VA® Training program helps build the skills you already have into a package to build a sustainable business.

You are empowered to take control of your career and follow your passion. VAs are internationally known and used, and the demand is growing as businesses change their models.


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