Hi, I'm Kathy Goughenour

I went from being stuck in a career that was blocked by brick walls and glass ceilings to making over 6 figures per year.

My Story

Kathy overcame a tumultuous childhood in rural St. Louis Missouri to be the industry leader in helping people realize their dreams. She has a passion for the unemployable, and shows them how they can  find the self-confidence to turn their knowledge and skills into a successful lifestyle business.

At 17, Kathy invested $2,000 and graduated Secretary School and quickly found a home at The Bell System (AT&T). There she quickly rose through the ranks and even got her MBA, only to find brick walls and glass ceilings were holding her back because she cared too much about people (which the company viewed as expensive tools).

Kathy tried the Networking Marketing world (PartyLite Candles with over 6 figures in sales per year), but was working harder than her day JOB, and making less than $10 an hour for all the efforts.

In 2001 she left the corporate world to start her Virtual Assistant business (not even knowing what a VA was?). She struggled for 6 years because selling your skills is one thing while knowing how to make money doing it is another. After working with her first business coach, she was able to find her perfect niche and raise her rates to 6 times what she was making, earning her a 6 figure income for the first time in her life!

After growing her business and training others how she did it, Kathy started Expert VA and has helped hundreds of women (and men), break away from the hamster wheel (called a JOB), and start building the lifestyle business of their dreams.

Kathy has finally found a way to turn her passion for people into a way to help others succeed better and faster by showing them the lessons she learned along the way. Her Expert VA coaching and mentoring business shows you the inner workings of a successful home-based business and how to find, serve, and keep clients. Kathy and her team of couches share her wisdom, listens to you, holds your hand, and cheers you on to a new, exciting, profitable, and less stressful life!


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