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On the Other Side of F.E.A.R. is Freedom. So Are You Going to Let FEAR Stop You?

Sep 18, 2021

Face Your FEARs

If you’re going to be a successful VA/VE, or run a successful business, there’s something you’re going to need. And it’s not necessarily a solid business strategy.

You need a solid head game – confidence, determination, resiliency, and an abundance mindset. We all have that voice inside our head telling us ‘No, you can’t.’ You’re going to need to be louder and stronger than that negative voice.

We have to push beyond the noise in our head because if we stay where we are – comfortable and safe in the same-ole, same-ole – we will not break free of the small box we already feel we are stuck in. We have to face our fears which are driven by self-doubt and uncertainty and worry and GO FORWARD ANYWAY.

Here’s the way I like to think of fear. There are two ways you can define it. One that helps, one that hurts. You choose.

Option 1 - the definition that hurts:

FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). This holds us back because we believe the false evidence that points to unpredictability, uncertainty, and the unknown. That FEAR is fueled by self-doubt.

Option 2 - the definition that helps.

FEAR (Face Everything And Respond or Feeling Excited And Ready). This way of looking at fear helps us see that fear and adrenaline are derived from the same root. We get to choose how we respond, which means we are in control ... and we can choose the exciting adrenaline rush, rather than the draining fear downer.

On the other side of this fear you have about venturing forth into a VA career is FREEDOM. That’s right.

On the other side of FEAR is FREEDOM. And fulfillment. And flexibility. And financial security.

You want a taste of all that? You want to learn more about this VA world? You want to understand just how real this is?

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