Making a Living is more

than getting by in LIFE... 

Getting paid for your knowledge

& experience frees up more

time for your family, friends,

and YOU!

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You Deserve MORE

Living paycheck to paycheck is only going to make someone else successful.
Why are you still working at a JOB (Jockeying Other Business)? Start working for yourself!

You have the skills ALREADY... You just need a helping hand to guide you to the Lifestyle of your DREAMS!

What is a VA?

How can you start earning more per hour running your own expert business utilizing skills you already have?

More Than You May Expect!

Our 5-Part Exploration Series

Short 10-minute Lessons and Dreamsheets™ that help you explore if working for yourself is right for YOU!


Let Me Help You!


I have seen countless people try and struggle to make a better life by working for themselves.

 I am different because I will...

  • Listen To YOUR Story

  • Show You How

  • Hold Your Hand

  • Cheer You On!

More About Me


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Kate Wiley

"You Need To Become A Virtual Assistant"

Could This Be YOU?

"I was worried, but now I am living the life I have been dreaming about!"

Cori Zeuli

"Invest In Yourself"

Dan Rondeau

"This Is What I Wanted To Do."

Carla Sellers

"I Could Not Be Happier!"

Ally Berthiaume

"What I Wanted My Life To Look Like"

There's no better time to...

 – Work for yourself 

– Create the work-life balance you've always dreamed of. 

– Join a community that will support you and help you move forward! 

This training will take you less than 1 hour and you can start right away.

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What can you expect from Kathy and her team?

Kathy has years of experience helping thousands of people just like you...
Learn how to turn your talents into treasure, working as a virtual assistant from home (or anywhere you want to)!


You will have access to a team of virtual expert coaches who have been there & done that... and they show you how you can do it too!.


We help you hone your skills into a niche that wants to hire you... while helping you master what you need to know to become profitable!.


You are not alone. You will be working with a group that is learning and sharing right alongside you to help you master your mindset, faster and better. 

 Live Sessions
better training access 

There is nothing cookie-cutter about what we do. You get customized training and we hold your hands through the process of getting your first 3 clients in your first 90 days!


In Under 1 Hour

Videos & Dream Sheets™

  • Why Am I Here?
  • What's a VA?
  • The Story In Your Head?
  • Working The System?
  • What's Next?
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It's time to take control of your life...  

Why are you working for someones else's business who gets you to trade your hours for dollars... when you can start keeping the profits for yourself while working less!

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This training will take you less than 1 hour and you can start right away.

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